Bike Ride in aid of the Simon Schembri Blue Light Foundation

On Sunday 2nd December 2018 the Malta Police Force Beacon Riders organised a Bike ride in aid of the Simon Schembri Blue Light Foundation., an event supported by Wheelspin.

The Bike Ride commenced at the Garage of the Police Force in Floriana and was attended by over 250 riders who travelled the different roads until reaching the Monte Kristo Grounds.  Here various stands were put up by different First responders and the general public could identify with these people that offer their services on a daily basis, sometimes putting their own lives at risk.

The Simon Schembri  Blue Light Foundation was launched following the horrible hit and run incident experienced by Police Officer Simon Schembri on the 15th May 2018. It will support the different First Responders who experience some form of accident during their work, offering both psychological and financial support.

The founders of the foundation are Herman Mula and Michele Cardinali and it’s members will be composed of 1 founder, 3 individuals chosen by the founder and someone from the Police, CPD, AFM, Emergency services and correctional officers.