Wheelspin Celebrate’s 10 years of the Magazine

Wheelspin is celebrating yet another birthday and this year it is the 10th anniversary of Wheelspin Magazine.

It was in the last quarter of 2018 that Wheelspin was presented to the public as the collector’s magazine full of original writing.

Since, many are those that have chosen to collect the magazine and even after many years, requests for past issues continue to be received.

To coincide with the 10th anniversary, Wheelspin is also launching its new web site, the site that will now bring to its readers the latest issues of the magazine in download form.

Through the new web site one may also watch the last programmes of the season on this same page. www.wheelspin.com.mt

So if you want to keep in touch, your options are various. You may watch our TV programme on NET TV on Mondays at 22:003 hrs, you may write to us on wheelspin@b.rightnemedia.com, you may visit our wheelspin facebook page, or else watch the programme and read the magazines through www.wheelspin.com.mt .